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January 4th, 2009

Cloudiness uses very large words

This site’s redesign is largely the product of bashing stylesheets over a post-New Year’s weekend. No real design strategy aside from wanting something less dry than the old version. About all I could say about the size of the text has already been said better in Wilson Miner’s Relative Readability (and the rantier, nuts-and-bolts 100e2r by Oliver Reichenstein). I’ll add only that now I’m old and feeble enough to require bifocals I’ll cheer on anything that claims whacking huge typography will become a fashionable design trend.

Aside from that, I’ve been wanting to bring color into the site in some form, and the old version of the site had lain dormant for long enough that moving the furniture around and giving cloudiness a fresh coat of paint might be what it needs to get me engaged in it again.

The nuts-and-bolts version of the cloudiness redesign will be in a pending post. As I write this not all the fitting’s been trimmed, nor all the bolts yet tightened.