About Cloudiness

Cloudy days are good for photography. Cloudiness.com was available and memorable. Cloudyness.com redirects here as a courtesy to the many people who misspell cloudiness.

About Art Delano

I develop (script, program, what have you) websites using the most progressive acronyms available. Lately I have been customizing and deploying Joomla and WordPress. I’m happily employed at a day job and am available for freelance work.

I used to be a graphic designer but rarely do that professionally any more.

Like everybody else with digital cameras, I take photos. Mine tend to get merged together in various ways. A detail from one of them is in the background at the top of this page.

If you have a feature request or especially a bug report for something I am maintaining or have contributed to, get in touch. Since work in progress is demanding all my attention I can’t accept requests for new WordPress or Joomla modules.