Posts from February, 2009

February 16th, 2009

New York Times article skimmer

This looks like a skunkworks project within the New York Times. It’s very nice: The grid scales to the window size, all the navigation can be done through the keyboard, and holding the shift key down can enlarge a story preview. It seems elegant to me in part because I figured out most of the keyboard navigation before checking the help prompt. Some of the keyboard navigation is relatively awkward (and won’t work on the iPhone), but doesn’t get in the way of simply using your mouse (if you’re using one). Via

Edit: Just noticed that articles’ foreground/background contrast converge to grey as they age. Check the Fashion & Style section to compare articles across a range of two weeks: Anything over six days old is considered fully stale.

February 3rd, 2009

Look at this cat!

Cats are nature’s way of saying “hey, cats!”