Posts from September, 2010

September 3rd, 2010

Get Automator working again in iTunes 10

Macs have a wonderful system-wide scripting tool with a GUI interface called Automator. Many people use Automator to take care of repetitive tasks involving iTunes.

iTunes 10, the latest version, breaks Automator for a trivial reason: Automator checks to make sure that iTunes is new enough to be compatible. So it looks for version 4.6 or later. iTunes is at version 10. Even though the number 10 is larger than the number 4.6, some part of Automator is treating “10” and “4.6” as text. Since when treated as text, “10” comes before “4.6” for the same reason “ant” is before “bee”; the leftmost characters are compared; if they are equivalent, then the second-leftmost are compared, and so on; “1” is before “4”, so the comparison algorithm halts there. Automator considers the latest version of iTunes too old.

Anyway, the title links to an article about how to fix the problem. It involves hacking some XML files. If you’re not comfortable with that, you should probably wait for Apple to issue a system update. And you should probably notice that this indicates how few people within Apple can be arsed to use Automator unless required to.

September 3rd, 2010

There is a Horse in the Apple Store

Around these parts, there are always ponies in Apple Stores. I don’t know about where you live. Sure, I’m jaded but every so often I snap out of it and, hey, yeah. Wow.